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Check out early in the morning, after eating a bowl of Yangchun noodles in an early shop, I felt that I was doing nothing. This and this hour, the busyness around me is not very tune. Therefore, he urged himself, where should he go to a place, but where should he go? Chen Congzhou used a lot of space to introduce Yangzhou��s gardens and his "Chinese Garden". Residential, my yearning for Yangzhou, mostly comes from the pen and ink of his old man. When he introduced Yangzhou's residence, he once introduced two places. The Lu House is a place. I found it there yesterday, but it was not open that day. Then there is Wang Xiaoyuan. Mr. Chen said that it is Yangzhou residents retain the most complete place to inquire about the boss of the early stall. He said that Wang��s Xiaoyuan is not far from here, and he strolled to the place where Wang��s Xiaoyuan was on the East Circle Street. Starting from the gate of the east circle, it is a historical and cultural street that preserves the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In that long street, while the ordinary Yangzhou people are passing by, there will be a small wooden sign nailed to the wall from time to time, telling people who is the old home, with an unusual history. In that small street, there are many old houses like this, including the pot garden of the salt merchant He Lianzhen. This Mr. He lost the city when he was in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, but he was the proud student of Zeng Guofan, and Zeng Gong To Yangzhou, you will also come here to stay, it is a profound friendship; here is the former residence of the Qing Dynasty classicist Liu Wenqi with the annotation "Zuo Zhuan", Qingxi old house. In the old house between the pot garden and the Qingxi, it is the old residence of General Secretary Jiang in Yangzhou. Of course, there is no small sign on the wall. I also learned it when I chatted with friends in Yangzhou. Wang��s Xiaoyuan was in the depths of Donghuanmen Street. When I arrived, I just opened the door and the courtyard was very quiet. This courtyard was originally the residence of Wang Zhuming, a salt merchant in the late Qing Dynasty. Wang Jiazu was born in Anhui, and he was famous for his leather goods business. However, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which made him unsuccessful, also hit the place. The local industry of Wangjia also paid for it. As a last resort, he came to Yangzhou and joined the salt business. It was the second generation of Wang Zhuming. The family with a waist of 100,000 and a ride down the Yangzhou, Wang Jia��s house is much lower-key than the garden and garden where I went yesterday. Into Xiaoyuan, I feel that all four are high walls, and that one is forced out by two high walls, especially at the sight of a narrow and deep fire lane. I think that the catastrophe experienced by the Wang family in his hometown should also be experienced by Wang Zhuming Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, the original owner of this courtyard. Perhaps they understood at that time that in the turbulent and changing situation, the gathering of wealth also Impermanence like cloud water. All they can do is to repair the wall and seek peace of mind. However, the end of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is not the end of the turbulent situation, but just the beginning and the Wang family is seeking peace of mind, and it is more than that. On the high wall, Wang and his son hope that this is a peach garden hidden in the city Cheap Newports, and use the yin and yang of the heart to create this big house, or hope that it can give them detachment. The tranquility said, "Daosheng one, one life two, two students three, three things all things", the main structure of this house is divided into three roads, the middle one is the central axis, the east and the west are echoing, each All the way is three courtyards Cigarettes Types, and in the four corners of the house, there are four gardens in large and small places, the flourishing image of all things growing, and the happiness of it, into the bamboo door, into the East Road. That bamboo door, Mr. Chen Congzhou also mentioned that he said "very simple", I think it is more like a savvy owner holding a slogan. The same guard, and the first Xiaoyuan behind the bamboo door, it is a small courtyard in front of the Chunhui room, not big, accidentally will miss it. However, the owner of the guardian still uses his heart, and uses the chopped pebbles and broken porcelain to spread the auspicious patterns on the ground. Since it is a garden, it is under the wall of the east and west, and there are several rockery stones piled up in the wall. There are trees in the stone, one is Qionghua, and one is the favorite of Yangzhou, and it is said that the so-called The fireworks in Yangzhou is Qionghua. In the coming month of May, I have passed the flowering period of fireworks, which is a pity. The tree Qionghua in Wang��s Xiaoyuan is said to have a hundred years of age. Even in Yangzhou, the oldest Chunhui room is the living room of Xiaoyuan Marlboro Gold Cigarettes. It is one of the Eight Diagrams and the West Road. The opposite of Qiu Xuan, also the respective towns, here in the east, the first of the yang, the spring in front of the door, the two courtyards after the Chunhui room is full of the room, respectively, Wang Laozi four sons and The residence of the three sons, the courtyards of the layers fell in, and some of the courtyards felt deeply. It is followed by the kitchen, where it is also the home of the big family and the daily food. Going out from the hexagonal door of the kitchen, the eyes suddenly opened up Cigarette Wholesale. This is the second small garden. Yingxi has reached the deepest place of this large house. Wang��s masters naturally no longer cover their desire for gardens. Although it can't be compared with Heyuan and Geyuan, there is no pond, no high court, it can't be luxurious, it can't be counted. But the flower in the depths of the heart still has to bloom, just in the morning sun shining in the morning, showing its grace, revealing its fragrance, dark and elegant, cool and charming, let people go After passing through this deep courtyard, I always get a copy of the wall. A moon gate is the third Xiaoyuan. It is called Xiaoyuan Chunshen. Spring is full of vitality and vitality. This may be the master of the year. It is a deep sustenance and expectation for this family. From Chunhui, to Yingxi, to the spring deepness that is only separated by a wall, this Xiaoyuan has completed a discussion of philosophical meaning. It is a practice for the ancient thoughts that have lasted for two thousand years, looking for sunshine, looking for spring, Look for the mystery of all things, and find the source of wealth forever. In the small garden in the spring and deep, there is the master of the study, from the desk in front of it, you can see the picturesque scenery from the desk, how good. Next to the study, there is the Jingrui Pavilion, which is decorated with floor-to-ceiling door covers of Jinsi Nanmu. The carvings are exquisite, meaning classic, luxurious and luxurious. Some of you are rich and wealthy, you may let go? Some of the children here are tender, you may be called the northwest corner of Yingxi Xiaoyuan, there is a bathroom room, there is a beautiful tiled floor in the room, with a terrazzo bathtub It is said that this is all brought by Wang Jiazi's children from abroad, even in the early years of the Republic of China, it is considered a new item. It only inadvertently reveals the owner of this strict house, the yearning for and fascination with the new life. However, this trendy bathroom is separated from the entrance hall by the moon door of the woodcarving. The new style of imagination seems to be here. However, it stopped. Interestingly, it is actually on the door of the moon. It tells the Wang family��s deep feelings about this Xiaoyuan��s sentimental view of the gate of the moon gate. It is engraved with ��Flower Good Moon Life��, and there is a note next to it, probably saying, At the time of the full moon, the Wang brothers gathered in this small garden to enjoy the fun, like Li Taibai and the brothers spring dinner in the peach garden. Li Bai��s "Spring Banquet from the Order of the Peach Garden" said, "If you live a dream, you will be a joyful geometry. The ancients will go to the candlelight night tour, and there are good and good. The state of the sun calls me to smoke, and I am an article." In the poems of Li Taibai's article, there are many such feelings of life as dreams. Perhaps he has traveled too much. He has seen too many scenery and experienced too. There are too many people passing by, so I feel more deeply. The heavens and the earth are the "reverse travel of all things", and the time is "passenger of EMI", and he concludes that when the old home of Xiaoyuan Xiaoyuan is in time, there is The introduction of Wang Jiajia's history, from the looming feeling of the glory of those who are happy in the moonlight night, in the love of Wang's small garden, always accompanied by a thick and lingering worry. That hidden worry or the fate of the ancestral catastrophe, the hidden worry or the source and the decline of the Yangzhou salt industry, the hidden worry or the imminence of more tragic warfare, no one can leave the torrent of the times, but the one who is alone, even in this layer Deeply locked by the courtyard In the spring and deep, I learned from the introduction that Wang Zhuming��s eldest son, Boping, was overworked and died in 35 years due to heart disease. His son, Shuying, had a leather goods industry in Nanjing, and in 1997, Nanjing was sunk by the Japanese army. After that, he was ready to be transported to the bottom of a ship in Shanghai and was looted; four quarters high, once served as the president of the Bank of China Yangzhou Branch, rented in Shanghai for 42 years, was kidnapped and shot; the second son Zhongshi is the most durable, but the founding of the country After Xiaoyuan was confiscated and confiscated, he was naturally recognized as a landlord and was criticized. He stood outside the time and space during the Cultural Revolution and went to see the ups and downs of this family. There was always some sneak peek at the reincarnation. This small garden, In the moonlight night, the beautiful scenery of the condensation, the fun of the family, the red dust and wealth, and the end is also the enemy of the "loveful since ancient times". Even if it is foreseeable, the creation of the spirit of temperament, the insightful persistence, and How can it be used to resist the waves of the torrent of the times? In this morning time, in this empty courtyard, you can only exchange a sigh of "floating dreams, for the joy of geometry". The road garden is the residence of the Wangjia Nuwa. The structure is similar to that of the East Road. There is a boat hall and Qiu Xuan. In the middle, you can also walk to the Shude Hall of the middle road. It is the family's main hall. It is the place of the old master Wang Zhuming. After the death of the father. For the eldest son of Boping, at the end of the south side of the West Road Court, close to the gate, it is the fourth Xiaoyuan, and still replies to the guardian of the mountain, which is called the sacred. There are clouds, "Under the Hengmen, you can live; the secret of the ocean, the music is actually such a small wish, but when it comes to the storm, it is difficult to stay. 


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